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Village overview
1. Aleroth
Healerquest, overview
2. Healquest
Healerquest, book explains gem duplication
3. Book
Puddle to duplicate gems
4. Puddle
Dungeon lvl 1, overview
5. Dungeon 1
Activate guardian zombie, dungeon lvl 1
6. Guardian
Orbs, dungeon lvl 1
7. Orbs
Dungeon lvl 2
8. Level 2
Dungeon lvl 3
9. Level 3
Dungeon lvl 4
10. Level 4
Dungeon, endlevel
11. Level 5
Smiruk Quest
12. Smiruk
No Lizard scroll
13. No scroll
Nature indoors
14. Cow
Chest near orc camp
15. Chest

Quests in Aleroth

Quest Collect herbs for George get the Drudanae plant for George the trader out of Lanilor's garden but ask him first for permission, so the illtempered Dwarven healer Otho is not angry. Don't kill his pigs, he'll kill you  
Quest Find a cure for Simon/Verlat Ask Goemoe and Otho about their patients, duplicate the healing gem by looking at pic 2-4  
Quest Unlock the entrance to the catacombs go into the Aleroth dungeons by turning all 4 statues so they face north  
Quest Rescue Lanilor from his icy prison by entering Mardaneus' house via well and talking to him  
Quest Find the 2nd teleporter pyramid put the one Lanilor gave you on the ground - SAVE, because you'll have to fight - and click on it, you will be teleported to lvl 4 (pic 10). Fight, drag & drop the 2nd pyramid into your inventory and then teleport yourself back or leave the room and fight until you see the teleporter stone, use it.  
Quest Restore Mardaneus' Sanity fight your way through the catacombs all the way down to level 5 and kill Thelyron - Dungeon - Smiruk (pic 5-12)  
Quest Retrieve the magic axe called "Slasher" look at its location on level 2 (pic 8)  
Quest Help to resurrect the dead Necromancer Thelyron look at level 5 (pic 11)  
Quest Kill Thelyron do it but SAVE first, hard fight. Then leave the inner room and Mardaneus will have an escape arc for you  
Quest George murdered! talk to all healers, but don't forget to loot George's shop first. the murderer is not in Aleroth = look in Verdistis and ask Kratus, the main guard, for mysterious murders there  
Quest Inform Mardaneus about George's murderer this will only be solved if you had accepted the quest to get George his plant  
Tip no quest, just XP Put flowers on the grave and fight Zombie Jake  
Tip no quest, just XP enter Jakes's house and cellar, fight him a 2nd time  

Outside Aleroth

Quest An escort for the healers Leaving Aleroth, quest given by Lord Seth. Speak to Mardaneus and later on with Lanilor. You need General Alix help, Lanilor will flag her location for you  
Quest Find a solution to the plague problem in Rivertown Leaving Aleroth, quest also given by Lord Seth the Knight - go to the farmlands or read the Elrath quest spoiler  
Quest Quest: Find the teleporter activation scrolls you will meet Zandalor and get rescued. The scrolls are scattered throughout the game, read the teleporter spoiler (not ready yet). But for solving this quest, you only need the Elven (Archers Guild, S of Rivertown) and the Human scroll (Cursed Abbey!) Only this one works. you can get Goemoe's Lizard scroll, if you have restored M.'s sanity, otherwise he'll lie to you (pic 13)