Ars Magicana and NE Rivertown

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NE Rivertown, map made by Dragon
1. NE area
Ars Magicana
2. Ars
Vampire killing
3. Vampire
More vampire killing
4. Vampire2
Knight Markham
5. Markham
Ars Sewers
6. Sewers
Stealing from Kistandalius
7. Theft
Alternative key for cemetary/Nericon's garden
8. Keytheft
Stealing from the alchemist
9. Theft3
Merchants Moll+Marcus
10. Marcus
Elrath's cellar
11. Elrath
Lanterns open doors
12. Elrath2
Key to Elrath's house
13. Elrath3
Entering house
14. Elrath4
15. Blake
16. Nericon

Quests in and around Ars Magicana

Tips General tips take your time and return often. This is the main market: You can shop at the alchemist Walker - at the merchant Blake - at the mage shop Kistandalius - repair and buy weapons from smith Geoff - armour from Gero - black market goods from Tingalf.

I'd suggest you place one of your pyramids near the Ars Magicana Teleporter, so you can return often and leave quickly - eiterh via teleporter or pyramid

Take care to clear the area around Ars from random enemies, otherwise some of your NPC might be dead on return and you'll miss XP for a solved quest. this seems to happen quite often to poor Caroline

Stealing: You can steal in various ways: Drag a barrel or a chest into your inventory and open it IN your inventory. Now grab everything you want and put it in the open barrel, then leave the shop and close your inventory.
Other variations are shown in the pics 7-9.

Exception is the back room in the mage shop: In front of that house is a poet, give him a few coins and let him recitate his poem. the mage will come out and now is your chance: Rush in, head for the back room, grab the dagger in the chest and the spell book on the table or bed (random) - rush out again. This is your one and only chance. So, I'd save BEFORE you speak to the poet

Caroline, Knight Markham and The Vampire

Quest Looking for missing boy If you approach this town from the south a woman will addresses you. It's Caroline, missing her son. Accept this quest and you will find the cave (NE of Ars) where he is kidnapped by a vampire - her location on pic 2  
Quest Investigate the Dark Cave Knight Markham is near the road to Verdistis and fights some trolls. Help him and he'll give you this quest. It's about the vampire cave again. After you have killed the kidnapper you can get XP and the "Bless" spell from him. Flag his location and don't take to long he tends to wander off quite a bit - pic 5  
Quest Kill the Vampire enter the cave and watch a cut scene. Even if you don't like it = to solve this quest, you have to sacrifice yourself and lose 3 stats pts permanently (until the next level up, of course). You gain a lot of XP, free the boy and make a mother happy, isn't this consolation enough?
How to kill him: you need either Telekinesis lvl 2 for the lever in his cave or lockpick lvl 2 for this door. I'd save now. The chest is locked, the vampire has the key. If you go behind his coffin, as far as possible and then click on his coffin, you can pelter him with ranged weapons or spells. I used meteorstrike. The nice thing is: He can't reach you in this position and you have all the time in the world to weaken him. Disadvantage: His stuff is stuck in the wall, the same as he is - but available with Telekinesis. Take his key and SAVE before you open his chest. The vampire boots in there are the potentially best boots in the game. - kill method pic 3-4
Return to Caroline and report

Marcus-Tingalf-Trevor sequence

Quest Quest: Missing delivery merchant Marcus gives you this quest. As this sequence is a bit complicated, please read the following MTT-Quest - pic 10 - Marcus-Trevor-Tingalf-Quest  

Elrath, the Plague and poisoned Harvest

Quest Elrath quest Sequence this involves a few related quests - pic 11-14 - for further details, please read the following Elrath, the Plague and the Poisoned Harvest  

Blake and Nericon

Quest Philosophy of life three worshippers are in front of locked Nericon's garden and would like to worship a statue. They will give you a book and ask you to get the key from merchant Blake in Ars Magicana. Keep the book in your inventory! - pic 15-16  
Quest Nericon's garden you need the key from Blake, but he will only give it to you if you have an invitation to the castle.

I even got it with a rep of 19. The trick is this: You have to pursuit the whole speech dialogue starting about "rare items" - this leads eventually to the option that you can ask for the price. If you did this without having an invitation, you have to start the whole chat sequence again. If you wish to enter this garden regardless of how far you're in the game, check the back room of alchemist Walker: His sapphire key opens the cemetary or Nericon's garden (though the garden opens also at lockpick 5 in version 1.0034).

Enter this garden and go to the statues in the NE part. SAVE, you've only got one chance now. This statue asks you 3 questions, the answers are in the book. If you answer correctly: 1 "Restoration" spell level - if not? Punishment by lightning.

Blake mentioned something about frogs. There are 4 in the pond: Kill them, by ranged weapon or spells. A portal appears and you can enter a cellar room. The lever for the locked door is on the west side, buried under crates. You find a frog statuette and some money - pic 16