Stormfist Castle and Cemetary

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Castle invitation
1. Invitation
Castle roof
2. Skateboarding
Castle overview
3. Castle
Arhu cat dialogue
4. Cat Arhu
5. Dungeon, lvl 1-4
5. Iona, lvl 1-4
Iona's dungeon, 2nd lvl
6. Iona, lvl 2
Candle opens secret room
7. Candle
Holy Sword
8. Holy Sword
Iona's pet Cyrion
9. Cyrion
Dungeon exit
10. Cemetary Exit
11. Shrimpo
Gravestones read Shrimpo
12. Call Shrimpo
Apollo dialogue
13. Apollo
Verdistis, Ducal Inn
14. Verdistis, Inn
to Zandalor
15. Ars Sewers
Zandalor's prison
16. Zandalor
Toy Dragon
17. Toy Dragon

In Stormfist Castle

Tips Tips on entering Stormfist Castle just a few words of advice in advance: don't go in there too early (tough fight afterwards) - leave your stuff outside, except lockpicks and potions (don't be a miser on that!) - explore the castle thoroughly - visit the guards, Janus' Mom and the other persons. As magic is prohibited, you can only drag&drop locked chests into your inventory and then head for the guard cellars in the west sector. As soon as you've descended, you can use your lockpick skill again. I took the good stuff, packed it into a chest and then went to the castle entrance, hurled it out by using SHIFT to scroll. The armoury in the west sector is interesting, the key for that is directly in the north room = a bronze one on the table. You can loot it (I used the chest trick again) and don't forget the shield on the rack! It's part of a set = Dragon armour. In fact I had my revenge by looting nearly everything, even Janus' throne chair  
Quest Enter Stormfist Castle in order to enter this castle you need an invitation by solving one of these quests: General Mitox wants your help in 2 cases, he's in the burned out village south of General Alix' barracks - find the Duke's murderer, quest given by Commander Ralph located in the watchhouse, south of the castle - solve the plague problem in Rivertown, given by Commander Ralph, too.Read Elrath, the Plague and the Poisoned Harvest for this - pic 1 and nearly all mini quests are on pic 3  
Quest Retrieve my teleporter stones As you enter the castle, an imp will approach you and steal your pyramids during your chat. It might take a while to get them back, because you have to free Zandalor for this and get teleported to the Council Hall, where you will meet that imp again. Read the The Council Members quest for this  
Quest Escaping Stormfist Castle this will take a bit time and your patience, as Duke Janus as several quests for you. Don't fret, you'll have to solve them, there is no other way to get out. Your reputation goes up by 10 BTW, Lord/Lady Protector of a spoiler brat. As soon as you have spoken to him for the very first time in the throne room, search him in his private quarters in the east sector - pic 3  
Quest Meet Janus in his room he's in the east part of the castle and plans to use you as an errand boy/girl. You can insult him and even make him so mad that he will attack you - but you still can't leave your prison. So? Bear it and fulfill them = cat, love letter, flowers  
Quest Find the white cat you will meet Arhu, Zandalor's familiar as soon as you leave the Duke's room and walk down the corridor in south direction, heading for the kitchen. Arhu's location is on pic 3, chat on pic 4  
Quest Where is Zandalor? Arhu warns you, tells you a bit about Zandalor and vanishes. Report this to Janus, he has another quest for you - Zandalor is in the castle, but probably in great danger. You can forget about this quest now - as the solution is found via Ars Magicana sewers. Explanation will come later  
Quest Deliver a love letter to Lela even if you explored the castle in the meantime, you will only find her as soon as you got this quest. She's in the Eastern room and as arrogant as the Duke. Just give her the letter and return to Janus, he should be in the throne room now - Lela's location is on pic 3  
Quest Help the cook as you're near the kitchen: Just pay the cook a short visit and practise your dishwashing skills: There is a tub under the table - drag it out and fill it with the water from the bucket in the sink (north part of the room). Drag&drop the dirty dishes about 10 times into the tub. You will see a short flash each time and 8 plates, 2 pots and a pan will be clean. Drag and drop the stack of clean plates, 2 pots and pan into your inventory and talk to the cook. Your reward is a flask with strange spices in it - nothing quest relevant, just an invisibility potion. Don't drink it now, might come in handy later  
Quest Flowers for Lela leave the castle for this. Right south of the entrance portal you'll find a flower patch, grab one plant and give it to Lela  
Quest Find the teddy bear yes, now she's bugging you - just search that bear. The toy is in a corridor corner as shown on pic 3 - WARNING: As soon as you've given her the bear, cut scenes will take over, so I advise to wait a bit and pay guard Ben on the NE castle walls a visit first. You wouldn't want to miss XP?  
Quest Beer for Ben look at pic 3 again, you will see where I found my beer. Other gamers found theirs in the guard barracks, but remember: He wants a bottle not a mug, ok?  
Quest The merchant's meeting Theus asks you to follow him, you're wanted in the throne room. A short cut scene will come, Janus is his own unpleasant self again and after a while a horde of orcs will appear and attack. Fight them and prepare yourself to be kicked out of the castle - and don't worry, your rep. goes down by 15, so your loss in toto is merely 5 (+10-15=-5)  

Surviving Iona's Dungeon

Quest Escape from Iona's Lair you're free now - well, that's what you think, right? Nope, you're whisked into Elona's/ Iona's dungeon, a Black Ring member. Now you know why I advised potions... You're in a locked cell, just click on the door and click on one orc, talk to them and wait. Cat Arhu will come and free you  
Quest Find out what happened to Zandalor Zandalor is in trouble - you can't reenter the castle on the ground level. Well, you actually can, but you won't find Z. there. Arhu advises to visit the thieves guild in the Ducal Inn/Verdistis - but you need to get out of that lair first. Arhu vanishes and says, he's waiting for you outside  
Quest Find my equipment in Iona's Dungeon Arhu will show you where Iona has stored your equipment, it's in a locked room in a chest  
Quest Find the key to my equipment Just hit ALT - you'll see your key on a barrel - get it, just a few steps south, unlock the room and equip yourself. As you have probably seen: scorpions and steel archers are waiting for you. I used lightning spells  
Quest Iona's Dungeon the entrance to the lower levels is on the east side - pic 6. You have to read the book on the pedestal. Choose the correct word and a staircase will open. Which level are you? I did that at lvl 35 - you will meet steel skeletons, steel guardians, liches (they burn nicely with meteor strike). To make a long story short, it's a challenge. If you're supplied with enough potions or have the patience to wait until the mana and health pools are full again, then have a go. You can return at any time though. The exit to the cemetary is in the far west (pic 6) - just flag it as soon as you're out, fight Iona's minions (zombies in all variations, the Dark Zombies are a pest with their poison attack). Make a run for the cemetary exit in the south - pic 10 - For those still wanting to continue: Iona's level 2 is very interesting. If you concentrate on pic 6 - 8, you will find out how to get the Holy Sword, one of the 3 sacrifice items. Read Holy Items Sacrifice for this.  
Quest Escape the house of madness concentrate on pic 6 again: the entrance to the house of madness is in the south, lever to access it is in the opposite room. All those nice books you see in that tiny room - after you removed all those barrels blocking your way - are an illusion, just one is no fake: Fear. you will be teleported into this house and have to click on the doors - they will eventually lead you into the sleeping room. And as the tortured corpse gave you that tip: Sleeeeep - do it, click on the bed. BTW, those jewels outside are unreachable. You will awaken in Iona's dungeon again.Another teaser for pyramid junkies (or mourners) are the 3 pedestals in the south. No use in trying to take them with you - just click on them, fight, survive. As soon as you have "activated all and your blood pressure or adrenaline lvl, the stone in the middle will teleport you north - inot a secret chamber near the exit. The rest of those 3 levels - pic 5 - will eventually lead you to Iona's pet: Cyrion - pic 9 - after you have killed it, drag&drop the skull on the chest into your inventory and click on the chest. Yep, that skull is a key. Take the ladder up to the place where you were imprisoned - and if you're lost again, look on pic 5 and 6 to find the cemetary exit again  

In the Cemetary

Quest Find Shrimpo as you leave the cemetary in south direction, a fat man (Apollo) will ask you for his friend Shrimpo. Accept this quest and then go into the NE part of the cemetary. Click on the tombstones in circular order there, the first letters of the dead there form the word S-H-R-I-M-P-O. He's tough, aggressive and knows no mercy. Kill him, get the Harpoon of Atlantis (keep or sell it, not quest relevant) and as you leave the cemetary there, Apollo comes back. It's your choice if you kill or show mercy, I let him live - chat log is in pic 13  
Quest Find The Duke's murderer still in the cemetary: go into the crypt on the west side, fight a few ghosts and spectres, loot the good stuff in there and you will find a lever in the east. This one opens the chapel doors. Go up, enter this chapel and Janus' Dad awaits you and asks for this quest - solution is in Verdistis. I'd go to Commander Ralph first and get this quest from him, too - he will give you a clue to ask Sir Patrick in Verdistis - and this guy wants a favour from you (read Verdistis). Just in short form: Get Sir Dante's deed for Sir P. and he will arrange a rendezvous with Yarun, the Assassin Guildmaster in the merchant guild - chase and find Yarun 3x, then he'll answer and tell you where the murderer is. It's your choice if you finish Cybu off on your own or ask Ralph for assistance. IF you do it on your own, don't forget the letter Cybu drops. This is evidence for Commander Ralph. Then report to the Ducal ghost in the cemetary, his soul will have peace now  

Zandalor's Rescue from Stormfist Castle

Quest The entrance to the Stormfist Castle cellars Arhu told you to visit the Ducal Inn in Verdistis, right? Then do so, speak to Rob there - pic 14 - He will flag the sewers entrance to Stormfist Castle for you, enter this staircase and watch a cut scene - pic 15  
Quest Find the Sword of Lies
Find the password to the treasure room
The password is 'ANVAS ENROD'
fight your way past the enemies or run past them, reach Zandalor. He wants you to find out what has happened to the Sword of Lies - his reason to investigate the Castle cellars, remember? And give you a password for the door guarding this sword. Go there, answer the door and enter the chamber, traps! - pic 16  
Quest A toy, not a sword? you will see the sword is gone but a toy is there instead - Janus is a kid after all? Toys, skateboarding... - pic 2  
Quest The Sword of Lies is gone! report what you found out to Zandalor. I took the toy with me, found it sweet! Zandalor now teleports you both out and you find yourself in trouble again  

Dwarven Bread Inn

Quest Aid the third Marked One! you will see a cut sene at the Dwarven Bread Inn now and have no possibility to intervene. Wouter, the Marked one, is lured into a trap and dies. Zandalor wants you now to join him in the Council Hall - but if you still have stuff to sell/buy, solve safer quests, stroll around the country side, retrieve the loot you threw over the castle walls: do so. Z. is patient. I even advise not to follow his request at once, why? Guess, yeah, a boss fight again. As soon as you have activated the teleporter in the Council Halls you can return to Rivertown  
Quest Meet Zandalor at Dwarven Bread Inn if you tell Z. you still have other stuff to do, you'll find this quest in your log. He will wait patiently at the Dwarven Bread Inn for you