Dark Forest

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Dark Forest, NW
1. NW Forest
Treasure Cave
2. Cave
Easteregg area
3. Easteregg
Treasure Cave2
4. In cave
Secret area
5. Out cave
Elven ruins
6. Ruins
Sword in the stone
7. Sword
experiments with the Sword
8. Sword2
Further experiments with the Sword
9. Sword3
Holy amulet
10. Amulet
11. Boratus
Boratus cellar
12. Boratus2
Boratus key
13. Boratus3
Dark Forest, W
14. W Forest
Bow of Hilfin, reward for helping Anthea
15. Hilfinbow
Warrior guild
16. Warrior guild
Warrior Guild, stairs
17. Stairs
Eye of the Cyclops
18. Warrior quest1
Imp Castle
19. Imp Castle
Castle, lvl 2
20. Level 2
Imp scroll
21. Impscroll
Dragonrider Rak-Sheen
22. Dragonrider
Dragonheart, Warrior quest 2
23. Dragonheart
Stalker quest
24. Stalkerquest
To Stalker cove
25. To Cave
Stalker Cave
26. In Cave
Dwarven Halls
27. Dwarven Halls
Dwarven Mine, accessable with Stone Axe quest
28. Mine
Mine, lvl2
29. Mine, lvl2
Elven Village
30. Elfvillage
Dragon Armour gloves
31. Gloves
Orc camp, accessable with Elf Council quest
32. Josiecamp
Teleporting via pyramids
33. Pyramid-Hopping
Pyramids or Hexedit
34. House

Dark Forest maps made by Dragon

Dark Forest, NW
35. NW map
Dark Forest, NE
36. NE map
Dark Forest, SW
37. SW map
Dark Forest, SE
38. SE map

Dark Forest

Quest Find a Collectors Item the first quest you get on entering the Dark Forest is this one. The urn collectors near the road want an ancient vase. East of their camp is the nearest entrance = looking like a tree stump. Go in there, take the vase in the north part. Telekinesis lvl 1-3 is required for all those goodies behind the bars. In the south you'll find the Holy Amulet. Read this for further details Holy Items Sacrifice pic 1 and 10  
Quest Fight the mountain trolls Saphiro in the east part of the Dark Forest wants your help. He'll flag a mountain cove for you = take care it's a trap  
Quest Betrayal! there are no trolls in the flagged area, just Saphiro and his buddies for a hold-up - kill them  
Quest The sword in the stone
Sword in the Stone Creature
east of the Elven ruins you'll find a talking sword. If you pull it out a ghost appears. You can fight him once and then take this sword and drag&drop it over the stone, when it glows again. Keeping it means this: He will eventually kill the urn collectors, the free roaming elves and every elf in the village, except Bronthion. If you really want to have it then solve ALL Dark Forest quests first and take the sword then - pic 7-9  
Quest Kill the Stalker a hermit asks you to kill a monster and flags the cave for you. Just loot his house before you go, thre is a key in the wooden pillar. If you go to this cave you will encounter a surprise. This is in fact the start for the Larian Easter Egg, read this for further details Silver Armour upgrading - pic 24-26  

The Boar, Boratus and the Holy Grail

Quest Evil transformation a talking boar asks you for help and will flag the house of the evil mage transforming humans into animals. This house is in the SE part - when you enter it, click on the picture on the wall and remove the barrels: Staircase into the cellar  
Quest Kill Boratus and find a cure for his animals search the table ion the cellar, you will find 3 keys for the cells there - and listen to Anthea the co, she warns you about the snake. As soon as you open the wolves cell, Boratus appears. Let them have a go at him first, then join in the fun. After he's dead, you can find a key under his loot - this one opens the small chest on the table. Read this book and ask Anthea for further information - pic 11-13  
Quest Find the Dwarven Priest this priest is in the Dwarven Halls, the West part of the Dark Forest. You'll encounter trolls on your way. After you've reached him, ask him about the cure and he'll tell you about the holy grail he needs for this - pic 27  
Quest Find the Grail near the abandoned imp castle, in the SW corner of the map, you'll find a cove. Go into it and search for the cave entrance. I'd save now. The cave is full of traps and you'll have to fight the guardian there. Then open the door. As long as you don't touch anything in there, the mummies will remain peaceful - when you drag&drop the grail into your inventory though, Greyhawk will attack and all mummies also.
I did it like this: I dropped one pyramid in front of the door (had the 2nd one in my inventory), took the grail and teleported myself out. Then I crept in slowly, taking the mummies one by one with meteorstrike. Most of them were so closely together, that they cursed each other, making my job easier. After that I looted the cave and had a long way back to the teleporter I could find (warrior guild) - pic 14
Now return to the Dwarven priest and get the holy water, change cow Anthea back (Boratus house) and if you wish, the snake also - you'll have to fight her in any case. The boar will find you eventually, he roams around.
Anthea will be grateful and her father - archer Gavanariel in the Elven Village will reward you with the Bow of Hilfin, if you talk about dangers in the forest and mention how you got rid of that evil - pic 15 and 30

The Alchemist and the Talking Tree

Quest The tree the alchemist's house is a bit south from the hermit's one. He will give you one skill lvl in alchemy if you get the herb he wants from the Talking Tree. The tree is flagged and a bit SE from where the alchemist lives. If you got this quest, the summoning quest from Corinna/Verdistis (branch) and Buad's Tea - read this Verdistis, tips - you can kill the tree, get the plant and the branch. But this is not necessary - the elves you meet tell you what this tree fears (woodcutters). If you mention this, the tree will be peaceful. Return to the alchemist and get your skill  

Elven Village, Elven Love and Peace

Quest Find out who is guilty for destroying the elven burial grounds
Rampant dwarves!
As this is part of the Council Member quests - read this for further details Elven Council Member quest - 30-32  
Quest Solve the problems between elves and dwarves depending on your char's gender, your elven love will be either Elean or Eleanessa. He/she is near the well of the Elven Village and want peace. As soon as you have solved the Council Member quests dealing with the elves and dwarves, you can go up to her/him and tell her about your success. He/She has another miniquest for you now  
Quest Find the Necklace your elf wants a necklace. You receive a picture and simply get a copy of this necklace from the Dwarven jeweller Elmer Vignus in the Dwarven Halls. Bring your fake back to him/her - pic 27  

Warrior Guild

Quest Becoming a member of the Warriors' Guild you have to accomplish to quests for this. Access to this guild is via stone steps. And Alrik the Guild Master in inside the main building. You can train your skills with the trainer outside, if you defeat him, you get the skill boomerang. And there is a trader in the SE part of this complex - pic 16-17  
Quest The first test Alrik wants the Eye of the Cyclops. Just go down the stairs, unlock the door, descend and fight. You have to find 3 levers to open the other doors, eventually leading to the guardian. The first lever is in the north section, the second west, the 3rd south - east is your boss enemy. Bring the Eyes to Alrik - pic 18  
Quest The second test find the Dragon Heart. It's in the abandoned imp castle, in the SW area. Find the staris, fight the lizard mages, descend the stairs in this building and then look for a lever in the north part, opening the underground section in the east. Lizards and steel skeletons are your enemies. The skeletons respond fine to lighting and the Dragon fanatics don't like fire. You will eventually find Ssgarab and Rak-Sheen, your boss enemies.All doors open via levers, so don't bother looking for keys. The lever opening the Dragon Rider's main lair is in the NW room, on the north wall near the dragon skeleton. the imp teleporter scroll is in the uttermost north cell ON garbage. Get the dragon heart, Rak-Sheen drops it upon death and return to Alrik, the Warrior Guild Master. Don't worry, he won't take it from you - but KEEP it - read further details here The Dragon Breastplate - pic 18-23  

Dwarven Halls

Tips Tips in the Dwarven Halls - pic 27-29 Shopping: Grischa the smith and his buddy have armour and weapons - the priest sells potions and the jeweller rings and amulets.
They might seem a tad disappointing when it comes to quests - as you only find the holy grail and Strobur at first. But I'd search them thoroughly, there is a mining area and you can find the 4th treasure map you need for the Silver Armour Upgrading.
These halls become important later for the Council quest Dwarven council member
and then for the The Dragon Breastplate
Quest Find Rimmer in Glenborus dwarf Strobur misses his brother and asks you to send his greetings to Rimmer, a dwarf in Glenborus/East Rivertown area. Please, do it, this is part of the Larian Easter Egg Silver Armour Upgrading