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Farmlands Map
1. Farmlands
Farmer Homer
2. Homer
Trollquest dialogue
3. Trollquest
4. Trollquest
Portable bed
5. Bed+Hay
Cursed Abbey
6. Abbey
Abbey, ground lvl
7. Abbey2
Halberd drains stamina
8. Halberd
Level 2
9. Level 2
Engineer's Room
10. Engineer1
11. Engineer2
Church roof
12. Churchroof
Illuminates in Church
13. Illuminates?
To Theophilus
14. Church
To Sacrifice tomb
15. Sacrifice
16. Sacrifice
Poor Quarters
17. Poor Quarters
18. Lain
Blue Boar Inn
19. Blue Boar Inn
El'Gammon's fake mirror
20. Fake mirror
Jake Cemetary
21. Jake Cemetary
Zombie Jake
22. Jake
Nericon Garden
23. Nericon
Haunted Inn
24. Haunted Inn
Farmer Hugh
25. Hugh
Bastard Sword, 2-hander
26. 2-hander
Bastard Sword, 1-hander
27. 1-hander
Dwarven Bread Inn
28. Bread Inn
Burleigh bar fight
29. Bar fight
Burleigh bar fight
30. Bar fight
Timmy's hostages
31. Hostages
32. Glenborus
Dwarven Teleporter scroll
33. Scroll

Rivertown maps made by Dragon

34. NW area
35. SW area
SE Rivertown
36. SE area
NE Rivertown
37. NE area

Farmlands and Rivellon, without Ars Magicana and Stormfist Castle

Tips Too many quests the Farmlands and the Rivertown area have a lot of quests, so I divided them into

Aleroth and surrounding area up to the bridge

Elrath, the Plague and poisoned Harvest -> mostly poor quarters and Ars Magicana

Stormfist Castle, Iona's dungeon and the cemetary

Marcus-Trevor-Tingalf and the waggon quest

Ars Magicana, Nericon, NE Rivertown

Holy Items and the Sacrifice

Council quests after freeing Zandalor

Quest Deal with the trolls Homer, the farmer directly after the bridge has this quest for you. The troll cave is in the south part when you cross the bridge again towards the Aleroth side. There is a slight problem now: If you missed talking to Homer and killed the trolls first -> you get XP and reputation, though no entry in your log book. BUT: if you meet the travelling merchant and believe Reginald, the mourning father, whose son was killed during an orc attack would give you more info and you talk to him before your chat with Homer: no quest, no questXP - pic 2-4  
Quest Help a scared Knight a scared knight hiding in a barn north of ... asks you to kill the assassin who is hunting him. This assassin is in the orchard in the middle of the Farmland fields. Find and kill the assassin, then report this back - pic 1  
Quest Catch the Thief!
Cover up for the meat thief
Farmer Tom wants you to help him find the cow rustler. Go to the poor quarters and look for Dorian, a sturdy guy with a straw hat. Enter his house and cellar, find the meat and question him. You have 2 possibilities now: Report the thief to the farmer or cover up Dorian. Doing the latter gives more XP and reputation. You can't do anything against it, Dorian will eventually land in prison, you can't free him - pic 1 and 17 for Dorian  
Quest Remove the curse Finn, living in a farm house in the north section of the Farmlands tells you a bit about the Cursed Abbey and its curse. As you have to enter it in any case to find the human teleporter scroll (part of Zandalor's quest) - do so. But beware of steel skeletons (I used lightning against them. The Cursed Abbey is heavily trapped - pics 6-11  
Quest The Cursed Abbey as soon as you approach the abbey this quest appears. I did not kill the boss in there - the Engineer, responsible for the curse, was cheated by the monks and betrayed. I paid him - but the decision is up to you pic 11  
Quest Isolde's Love Letter milkmaid Isolde, standing near Homer's house wants you to deliver a love letter to her lover Gareth - a soldier in Alix's barracks. He is usually found in front of the armoury, but take care - as soon as you enter the barracks and speak to Alix about the healer escort, an orc attack occurs. Gareth tends to be suicidal and often gets killed during this attack - pic 1  

Poor Quarters, pauper cemetary, Blue Boar Inn

Quest Deliver a letter Harriet is at the Blue Boar Inn and wants you to deliver a letter to Verdistis. Her uncle Afrasam is the owner of the Ducal Inn there - deliver and report back  
Quest Retrieve Balin's necklace Balin is a bully living in the poor quarters. He accuses Jonas of theft and wants you to investigate - pic 18  
Quest Teach Balin a lesson go to Jonas, enter his house and find Balin's necklace. It's on top of the cupboard in his bed room - now speak to Jonas and choose wisely. I sided up with Jonas, gave reputation and more XP - Balin is a bully after all...  
Quest Restore Maria's reputation
Maria was right
Maria is a refugee from Verdistis. Listen to her story, she will flag a certain house for you in Verdistis and you can investigate what Malcolm, merchant guild member there, did to her. Take the financial records from his cupboard. For further details, read Verdistis The Merchant Guild  
Quest Kill Maria you have to decide: Malcom/Verdistis wants you to kill her - if you do it, you won't have anyone to vouch for a house in Verdistis. In versions prior to 1.0034 you couldn't buy your way into the Verdistis Merchant Guild, now you can - but reconsider this: He is a liar and has stolen money from the guild. I reported his theft to Trevor, the Guild Master - brought back the good news to Maria and found her later in the guild hall, where she vouched for me  
Quest Find a potion for Cedric, Tibus and Sara all 3 are found in the quarantine section and are doomed to die. Details/solution about these 3 quests related to the Elrath complex can be read here Elrath, the Plague and the Poisoned Harvest  
Quest Disappearing gems! Malachias, an old man east of the quarantine section on the road tells you a strange story about a disappearing gem. You can watch this gem better at night as it shines clearly, it starts southeast of the quarantine sectione near the road and then moves along the fence westwards: it's a hold-up, fight. And don't worry, the main boss Boratus is supposed to escape, you'll meet him later in the Dark Forest again  
Quest Kidnapped by a zombie as you enter the graveyard in the poor quarters you'll watch a kidnapping scene. Enter via one of the graves and fight Jake the Zombie. Yes, it's correct, you can't save in there until you defeated Jake. Leaving this area and not fulfilling this quest lead to hanging cut scenes in earlier versions, therefore the Larians found this solution - pic 21-22  

General Alix/barracks, Captain Mitox/Destroyed Village and your first invitation to the Castle

Quest Contact Captain Mitox after you reported to General Alix about the healers needing an escort, she will pass you on to General Mitox with a sealed message and flag his location. It's further down southwest, in a destroyed village. As you wander down that road a peasant will approach you and ask you for money. If you are generous, he'll tell you of a house with a hatch and flag it. This hatch leads directly to the Orc supply = keep it in mind
Small side note: if you had already received an invitation to the castle before contacting Alix, Knight Seth had been faster and already delivered his message about the healer escort - even if you had killed him...Yes, those knights sure know what duty is...
Quest Gareth's feign death potion you delivered Isolde's love letter to him? He's looking for a feign death potion to skip military duties - this quest was a pleasure for me. This potion can be found at the Church - it's north of the Cursed Abbey, but Father Theofilus needs some help first. After you freed his Church from a desecration, you can buy this potion via speech option. Details will follow - pic 14  
Quest Ravage the supply train Mitox wants you to destroy the Orcs supply train and gives you a little explosive barrel besides flagging the spot on your map. You can either use the hatch (only a few orcs and one giant blue one in there) - or shapechange by using a spider statue (Orcs like spiders) to get there - or you fight your way through - or use shadow potions to turn invisible. As soon as you have reached this area: a wooden fence is around it and a lot of barrels in there - simply drag&drop the barrel out of your misc. inventory. A cut scene will happen, then retire quickly using the same procedure as on arrival. Report victory to Mitox  
Quest Poison the well in the Orc camp Mitox has a 2nd task for you, this location is flagged now and even far more east in the Rivertown area. You will meet elite orcs there, I used Elementail Hail to kill them - you can either use the spider statuette again or fight. As soon as you have reached the well and the pond surrounding it, simply drag&drop the poison bottle he gave you into the pond. Retreat quickly, as this poison affects you. I had to stand in the middle of that pond near the well and took some damage. You can explore the camp there and fight the main boss. On his defeat he drops a key, this one leads to one of his chests in his tents and after you found several keys (by opening one chest after the other) you can open the last one containing the Orc teleporter scroll. Report back to Mitox  
Quest Meet General Alix at the Barracks Mitox will send you back to General Alix and she gives you your first invitation to Stormfist Castle. You can enter it now - but I'd wait and level up until you're lvl 30-35 because of hard fights  

The Church and its Desecration, Feign Death potion

Quest The Church on entering the church you see a cut scene, the priest escapes into the Confessional and you're on your own. Kill that lich and the ghosts with fire (meteorstrike) - then click on the confessional and meet Father Theofilus - pic 14  
Quest Desecration?
Peeing boy
something tainted the church. Listen to the priest's story and ascend - you'll see a small cut scene near the altar. Report the peeing boy to the priest, he'll go up now and then you can speak to him about the feign death potion you need for Gareth (reminded me of Shakespeare's Romeo and Julia). Bring the potion to Gareth, he's hopefully alive in front of the armoury in General Alix's barracks  

Nericon Garden

Quest Philosophy of life
Nericon's garden
east of Ars Magicana you meet 3 philosophers near this garden. They want to enter it. for further details read Blake and Nericon - pic 23  

The Cemetary, the dead Duke, Apollo and Shrimpo

Quest The murderer of the Duke
Help Apollo finding his friend Shrimpo
for further details read In the Cemetary and Sir Dante, Sir Patrick and the assassins  

Commander Ralph and possible 2 further invitations

Quest An appointment with the new ruler of Ferol south of Stormfist Castle is Commander Ralph's house. He has 2 quests for you that will get you an invitation - either solving the Plague problem - for further details read Elrath, the Plague and poisoned harvest or - solving the Duke's murder  
Quest Solving the Duke's murder Ralph wants you to contact Sir Dante in Verdistis - for further details read Sir Dante, Sir Patrick and the assassins  

Dwarven Bread Inn, the first time

Quest Meet Zandalor at the Dwarven Bread Inn after Zandalor saved you near Aleroth, he wants you to meet him at the Dwarven Bread Inn. Don't worry, you can find the 2nd Marked One (Wouter) - but not Zandalor himself (you're supposed to fail this quest). He's gone to the Castle - this is what Wouter tells you. And in order to meet that mage, you have to get an invitation to the castle, by solving one of these quest complexes: Alix/2x Mitox - Ducal murder - solving the Plague.
If you enter this inn and have not been near Glenborus, the Dwarven Village northeast of it, you will meet a dwarf in the room north of Wouter. Chat with him and if you politely refuse the gems he offers you, he will leave the room and you can take the scroll from the table => the Dwarven Teleporter scroll. Don't worry, if you merely find a hostile dog in there: Lar - then the scroll is in Glenborus, on a table in Dwarven Mayor Gregor's house, but as Lar attacks at once, you'll have all dogs against you - pic 33
Quest The bar fight you can challenge Burleigh to a fight in the cellar of this inn. Well, as a puny mage I used my brains: Threw restoration potions into the ring before challenging. Then I accepted the bet, picked up the potions and slowly defeated him with "tremendous" 6 damage/hit. Sipping potions (needed 30 of them) I won! You can "cheat" by throwing down strength potions, armour and weapons too - but I didn't. If you want to play fair, you need strength and agility to dodge. Reward is money/reputation, BTW.
There is a lady upstairs scared about her lover Christoph, who thinks he can only win her love by fighting Burleigh. Talk to her - to Chris - to her - again to him - and you can make a couple happy, get a few potions from her as a reward - pic 29-30
Quest I lost the bar fight you can try again if you lost  

Rivertown, south area

Quest Free the hostages near the archer guild in the SW area Timmy will run up to you. His parents are in great danger - ask him and he will tell you of a key he dropped. The house is in the east, approach it from the north side and find the key near a basket. Open the north kitchen door via "ALT key", find the bedroom key in there - go out again and take the 2nd north door (trapped). Free the parents, take the key in the bedroom and go out again. Now, remove the "always run" option from your char and try to enter the sitting room via kitchen door! (It's a bit tricky:) Move your char up to the door by clicking next to the door. When the door is highlighted in grey it's the correct position. Surprise Raven and kill him/his buddies. This all is a pretty heavy fight, so SAVE before attempting anything. The cupboard contains the key to the side door of the bedroom and after you report your victory to Timmy and parents in the archer guild - you'll get the key - you can get the goodies out of that chest in their house.
A word of advice: there are 2 troll kings roaming that territory and if you're out of luck Timmy might get killed - so search for them first. They're pretty tough and use magic (Limbs of Lead), have high resistances, so cursing them with the survivor skill, freezing them and killing them with Elemental Hail was my method - pic 31

East Rivertown

Quest Wishing well this well grants you only one wish. - pic 28 - Raze, patient researcher on the Larian Forum, found out the following:

2 or 10 gold donation-> nothing

100 gold donation:
to be healed - useless
an ally - Spider
enchanted sword - useless, it's just a hint for a book
2 more wishes - you get nothing

1,000 gold donation:
strength, intelligence or agility - +5
an ally - Skeletal Warrior
greater experience - apparently Darsk thinks experience is the best choice, since he will respond that this was a wise wish - I took this one and waited until pretty late in the game when I needed a lot of XP for my next level-up
one million gold - nothing
2 more wishes - nothing

10,000 gold donation:
strength, intelligence or agility - +10
an ally - Scorpion
greater experience - same as if you had dropped 1000 gp
one million gold - nothing
2 more wishes - nothing

I think, more XP (1000 gp) or +10 stats (10000 gp) of your choice is the best out of this bunch
Level 29  33  37 
Attack 52  66  66 
Defense 49  63  62 
Damage 4-14  7-23  5-17 
Armour 123  140  157 
Hitchance 95  95  95 
Hit pts 218  359  307 
Sight 10