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Town map
1. Verdistis
Verdistis, East
2. Verdistis, East
Penumbra's dagger
3. Dagger
Merchant guild, cellar keys
4. Merchant guild
Ducal Inn
5. Ducal Inn
Beer for Rob
6. Beerquest
Thieves Guild
7. Thieves guild
Patrick's teleporter
8. Patrick
Lever sequence
9. Levers
Dragon Armour, belt
10. Dragon belt
11. Belt2
Alchemist, to Buad's tea
12. Alchemist
Vampire Tutamun
13. Tutamun
14. Tutamun2
To Yarun
15. To Yarun
Yarun, Assassin Guild
16. Yarun2
Disappearing Wine
17. Wine
18. Wine2
Wine appears again
19. Wine3
Summoning with Corinna
20. Corinna
Sewers overview
21. Sewers
22. Axe+Armour
Vulcan Axe
23. Vulcan Axe
Treasure map
24. Map
Polymorph chests
25. Polybug
Polymorph bug
26. Polybug2
Polymorph bug
27. Polybug3

Quests in Verdistis

Tips General tips Pic 1 gives you a general overview. If you're lost just look at it.
If you're caught stealing and land in prison you have several possibilities to get out again: click on the door and choose an option - you don't want to lose reputation when your time penality is over? Ok, then do this: there is a lockpick in the pillow on the bed. Unlock the cell and look on your mini map if there are still guards in the front room - as soon as they've left, run out, grab the pyramid in your chest and teleport yourself back to where the other is. Then simply return to Verdistis, walk calmly into the prison area and empty the rest of the chest. The guards won't bother you. You have to quick though. Another possibility: Enter the prison area BEFORE you steal - go into the cell and place one tellie on the floor. When you're caught, you simply drag&drop it into your inventory and teleport yourself back to the other one (hopefully far away in Ars Magicana? Then return to Verdistis, loot your chest, you don't have to be quick for that and you have NO reputation loss
If you have been in the Verdistis sewers already - there are 2 exits via thieves and assassins guild, but they have to be accessed from the appropriate guild above for the 1st time. Why? Because there is a small room in between with a lever in each
Shopping: Is a disappointment really, Ars Magicana is better. You have Leptin the grocer in the east - thief Finnigan in the cellar of the Ducal Inn - trader Mpenzak either in NE in front of his cart, in or standing in front of the Ducal Inn - the alchemist in the west part - summoner Corinna south of the teleporter in a house
Tips Mpenzak, the map and the branch tips you can get the fake branch from the Talking Tree for the summoning ritual Corinna needs - and one of the treasure maps from him - IF you already have one in your inventory, otherwise the speech option isn't triggered. The fake branch was the case for some gamers liking to burn his cart  
Tips Dragon Belt tip if you go to the far east area where the hen sheds are, you will meet a woman wanting to cheat her sister. As you get no XP regardless of how you decide to settle their quarrel, do what you wish. The important thing here is the house behind them, it contains the Dragon Belt from the Dragon Armour set. You can enter this house by taking the door key from the tree log and then using the west entrance. Take care! Loose tiles will make you crash through into the cellar. The chest key for it is IN the shelf upstairs (if you've gone down that way). The chest is hidden behind the barrels - pics 10-11  
Tips Buad's Tea tip The alchemist is in the west part of Verdistis. If you enter the hatch under the bed you can remove a lot of crates and are in Buad's former alchemist room with nice gloves. There are 3 barrels with his highly explosive tea - useful for killing the Talking Tree in the Dark Forest. If you want to do this, don't be rash, there are 2 quests involving that tree (one from Corinna/Verdistis - one from the alchemist in the Dark Forest). So get both quests first if you're bloodthirsty. This tree has 2 nice charms + 2 statuettes (one is unique) pic for the cellar 12  
Tips Sapphire Ring tip if you healed the soldier Verlat in Aleroth, he will approach you near the Ducal Inn road and give you this ring - nice one in my case.My ring stats  
Tips Directions helper tip Near the Ducal Inn is a friendly man flagging nearly everything on your map, talk to him  
Tips Sewers tips you can access the Verdistis sewers via 2 hatches, look at pic 1 (No 9 and 14). A very nice place to level up, get some loot and find one of the 4 treasure maps. CAUTION! If your spiritual resistance is under 12: there are 2 trapped chests with the polymorph bug - pics are 21-27  
Tips Child beggars tip you will meet begging kids - if you give too much, they jeer - if you give enough for an apple, they'll grumble. XP is the same in all cases  


Quest Deliver the grain order bill to Hugh Leptin is a grocer in East Verdistis and wants you to deliver a grain bill to Farmer Hugh in the Farmlands. His farm is NW of Stormfist Castle, the one with a lot of hen sheds in front. There you will learn that Leptin has a lot of debts already - it's your choice if you pay for him or not  
Quest Tell Leptine, Hugh refused the order bill 3000 gp is a lot of money, so Leptin won't get his grain until he has paid - or you do it for him. Report back to the grocer or spare yourself this to and fro - pay at once. You will have the next quest in your log anyway, but both will be solved via speech option as soon as you return to Verdistis and report  
Quest Persuade Hugh to send grain - Tell Leptine the grain is on its way as soon as you've settled this unpleasant matter with 3000 gp, you can get your XP from Leptin  

Kratus and the Vampire

Quest A murderer in Verdistis several citizens and even the guards will inform you that mysterious murders are happening at night. So go to the authorities in NE Verdistis and talk to Kratus, the main guard in the guardhouse. He'll ask you to investigate and tell you of his suspicion: Pierce the wine merchant. Locations - pic 2  
Quest Pierce's house Pierce is shocked and allows you search his house. Head for the west sector and descend into the cellar - location on pic 2  
Quest Vampire! I'd save now - you're in the cellar, right? Go east down there and walk through the wall - you'll meet Tutamun, a vampire. Before you fight him, use ALL speech options. This is very important! Tut is trader George's murderer as well and if you don't trigger this in your chat, you won't get the speech option with Mardaneus/Aleroth or solve that quest. After killing the vampire, report to Kratus/guard house/Verdistis and then Mardaneus/Aleroth - pic 13-14  

Corinna the Summoner + Penumbra the Assassina

Quest Do I want to summon a demon? Corinna's house is directly under the teleporter in Verdistis, south of the park. If you go into that area, you will watch a cut scene with gossiping housewives. During that conversation several names will pop up: Magdalena and Yavuz - keep that in mind, will come in handy as soon as you are in the Ducal Inn. As soon as they are gone, you'll hear strange noises when you enter Corinna's house. Be quick and help her, she's in danger. When you have killed the demon she will agree to teach you summoning if you get her 3 things: A branch from the Talking Tree/Dark Forest - a bottle of wine from the wine merchant Pierce and a book that Penumbra has. Penumbra stole without being a member of the thieves guild and is imprisoned there - you have to free her. The thieves guild is in the cellar of the Ducal Inn, the guildmaster upstairs = Rob. Corinna will tell you that Mpenzak sells this branch, too - but I'd really go into the Dark Forest; buying that branch will bust the summoning ritual. Getting that wine is a subquest, too - details will follow in the Ducal Inn part. So leave her for now and visit the wine merchant in East Verdistis  
Quest A bottle of wine Pierce will tell you he sold the last bottle of his exquisite wine to Anthrabert, a merchant in the Ducal Inn  
Quest Branch from the Talking Tree Go to the Dark Forest and search for that tree: Caution, ill-tempered  
Quest Free Penumbra as Corinna already told you, she's in the thieves Guild. Now would be a good time to visit the Ducal Inn. You have to be a member of this guild though to enter the east area through that locked door. If you already are, just talk to the guard in front of her door - mention rats, he's scared of them - then leave this area via east door. You'll see the guard leaving and now you can pick up the key from the table and unlock her cell. She won't give you the book you need for Corinna, but run away and tell you to meet her at Corinna's house. If you weren't successful in rescuing Corinna during your first visit and she was killed - you'll meet Penumbra in the park near the teleporter. Just a wee problem, she won't talk to you anymore. If Corinna is still alive, Penumbra is where she's supposed to be and wants something from you  
Quest Retrieve Penumbra's dagger maybe you've already got it? She's looking for her dagger Heartseeker. Commander Kratus has it in a chest. You can enter the guard house, but take care Kratus is outside, then look for the armoury in the west sector, grab the dagger and teleport yourself out. If he catches you several times, you're in trouble and land in prison. Look in the tip section on top of the text part for a possibility to get out of there. Return to Penumbra, give her the dagger and get the Summoning Book Corinna needs. I advise not to speak to Corinna until you have all 3 objects. Why? That dame is an alcoholic and will steal the exquisite wine if you've already got it from Anthrabert - but she'll take any other wine then - dagger pic 3  
Quest A plant for the ritual after you've gathered all 3 items (book, branch, wine) speak to Corinna, she needs a plant from her garden now. Do so and then follow her into the cellar for the summoning ritual. If you had the correct branch all will go well, she will teach you the spell "Banish" - pic for ritual 20  

Ducal Inn and the Thieves Guild

Tips Tips in the Ducal Inn Talk to all in the Inn: Rob (2 thieves guild quests - Afrasam (deliver letter you got from Harriet/Blue Boar Inn) - Graham (a test quest for ethics) - a guy at the table (just a hint for burning a cart) - Sweeney (your victim in Rob's 1st test) - the Iliana (to rent a room. CAUTION: If your renting time is over, your chest disappears, including all belongings you put in there. You can rent again, but the stuff is gone) - Anthrabert (cart/wine quests) - Codran (tart quest) - elf (no quest, just growing hostile, sexual problems? But you can kill him for a bow) - the dwarves (just funny). You can trade with all of them and maybe find something nice to buy - overview on pic 5
Thieves Cellar: Talk to all, Finnigan has quite good stuff in version 1.0034 - Rodgar may give you a skill - don't forget the Holy Dagger in Rob's room. It's IN a book, details are in the Holy Items Sacrifice thread - overview pic 7
Quest Avenge Graham entering the Ducal Inn you will see a scarred guy at the counter. He doublecrossed his buddy and was punished. Listen to his story and then go to Cirgon (house is flagged and in the SW part of Verdistis) - listen to him as well and then choose. You get more XP if you tell Graham that both men deserve each other. (Sorry, but I'm a female and I detest it if women are treated like a possession. I regret that I was not able to kick both)  
Quest Fireworks remember? Corinna wants some wine and the wine merchant told you who has it? It's trader Anthrabert, a really unpleasant guy. He wants you to burn Mpenzak's cart. Now here's a trick: He's got the trade icon, right? Simply buy it from him and then refuse this quest = quest solved - or refuse the quest and after you've seen Mpenzak next to his cart in the East area, it will be burned. The wine bottle is then in the inn room on the floor, where you met Anthrabert for the 1st time. He will be gone, because you gave him away to the guard standing next to the burning cart - the wine quest will remain unsolved then. If you choose to burn the cart, just click on the lantern. In versions prior to 1.0034 the cart will burn after 1 day, regardless if you have accepted/rejected that quest. And I have encountered a nice bug: The mystery of the disappearing wine bottle - pic 17-19  
Quest Get access to the tarts Back to the Inn: In the NE room are a couple of guys looking for fun in Verdistis. (Tarts are courtesans, prostitutes) - Just talk to Codran, the other one can't speak properly. If you ask the Afrasam, he will deny their existence. Remember the cut scene in front of Corinna's house? The names Yavuz and Magdalena? Just go to grocer Leptin and talk to him - he'll show you where it is. Well, and you can get XP down there, by sleeping with one of the guys/gals there. The first time you're in there, you can click on the lantern in one open room and open the other love nests. Only the barkeeper's room needs lockpick. And the door to the SW room is locked if Penumbra was not freed. She is? Ok, then ask Jacob the customer about the special treatment and after that the barkeeper again = join her in her etablissement extraordinaire and spend a strenuous night. In any case, report back to Codran. Both guys are now in the public inn room, not more in their private quarters  
Quest Deliver a letter you got this quest from Lady Harriet in the Blue Boar Inn/Farmlands. Her uncle is Afrasam, the inn keeper of the Ducal Inn. Give it to him and report back to her  
Quest Thieves' Guild entry tests ok, so you're a warrior and don't want to learn pickpocket or lockpick? Bad decision, you'll miss a few quests. If you're patient, you can buy/find an item with pickpocket ability. In any case, Rob, the Thieves Guild master wants 2 quests from you - I'd accept them  
Quest First Thieves' Guild test First of all you need the pickpocket skill, lvl 1. Go to Sweeney, he's the drunkard in the south corner of the Ducal Inn public room. Stand near enough to him, activate the skill in your task bar and right click on him. His inventory will open and you can get the necklace. Report back to Rob  
Quest Second Thieves' Guild test Rob wants ale now and you need the lockpick skill lvl 1. Go into the cellar, the hatch is near Afrasam, behind the counter. Then look for the NORTH door, unlock with your skill, take the ale bottle from the floor and report back to Rob. After this you can choose one of these skills: Pickpocket,lockpick or evade traps. I chose the 2nd one - and only now you can enter the east door in the cellar: The Thieves Guild beer pic 6  
Quest Bring Finnigan his magic lock picks these magic lockpicks are IN the table in the guard house, the one near the entrance in East Verdistis. Take care, Kratus does not catch you. Another thing: These lockpicks boost up your agility by 20, so I'd give them to Finnigan and then click on the trade menu to buy them back. They are unbreakable, so you'll never have to worry about enough lockpicks again. Just one minor prob: If you reenter Kratus' house to steal Penumbra's dagger and leave, these lockpicks vanish and you'll have to get them from inside the table again. In versions prior to 1.0034 these lockpicks vanish forever if you place them on the ground (they "break")  
Quest Lock picking Bet As you're a member now, you can access the east door and run into Rodgar. He offers you a bet about 5.000 gp. How high is your lockpick lvl? I hope, not higher than 4? In order to open the last door, you need lvl 5, so lose the bet and gain a new skill lvl. Gold is cheap, skill pts not
Quest Free Penumbra as Corinna already told you, she's in the Thieves Guild. Proceed east and just talk to the guard in front of her door - mention rats, he's scared of them - then leave this area via east door. You'll see the guard leaving and now you can pick up the key from the table and unlock her cell. She won't give you the book you need for Corinna, but run away and tell you to meet her at Corinna's house. If you weren't successful in rescuing Corinna during your first visit and she was killed - you'll meet Penumbra in the park near the teleporter. Just a wee problem, she won't talk to you anymore. If Corinna is still alive, Penumbra is where she's supposed to be and wants something from you (further details are under the topic Corinna  

Sir Dante, Sir Patrick and the assassins

Tips Tips about Dante, Patrick and the assassin quest You got the quest to investigate the Duke's murder from Commander Ralph south of Stormfist Castle/Rivertown area? Then go to Sir Dante, his house is flagged (west area). Even if you saved his son Tibus from the plague, don't expect a reward or better treatment. Just accept his quests, they are part of the game plot. With lockpick lvl 5 you can open all his rooms and loot  
Quest The brooch Randell, Sir Dante's servant in his house, wants you to get a brooch from the Dwarven Halls/Dark Forest where the jeweller Elmer Vignus is. Further details are in the Dark Forest overview  
Quest Steal Sir Patrick's title deed Sir Dante wants to have Sir Patrick's title deed, only then he will give you further info about the assassins. I'd rather tell him you got the info from Zandalor than from Com. Ralph.Go to Patricks' house and look for a teleporter stone in the NW area of his garden - pic 8 - teleport yourself in and amuse yourself with the levers until all rooms are locked except the treasure room. The deed is on the tiny table, the locked chests require lockpick lvl 5. Tip: Drag&drop them one by one into your inventory and teleport yourself out, place them in the garden and return when your lockpick lvl is high enough. Why? Because after some time this secret room is not accessable anymore and you wouldn't like to miss money, hm? Bring the deed back to Sir Dante - one of the possible sequences to open the room on pic 9  
Quest Get in touch with the Assassins' Guild go to the Merchant Guild in Verdistis and speak to Yarun, he's in the SW corner of that guild (N Verdistis). Don't worry, it doesn't matter how you talk to that Assassin Guild master, the result is always the same: he calls for his people and vanishes. Kill them and then follow Yarun via the cupboard. You're in the cellar now - take the first south room, speak with Yarun, he flees again. Take the keys out of that cupboard there - follow the wide open doors, don't forget to kill the assassins and corner Yarun for the 3rd time in the NW part. Now he'll talk. The keys are handy for the chests in the far NE room, check the map - pic 15-16  
Quest Meet Cybu, the murderer of the Duke Yes, your reputation drops, because you're going to make an appointment now with an assassin. Cybu is in the NE corner of Verdistis, in the ruins of a burned house. It's your choice if you contact Commander Ralph in the guard house/Rivertown or go there on your own. If you choose to go alone, take care to take the letter Cybu drops = evidence for Ralph. I went to Ralph first  
Quest Meet Ralph in Verdistis Ralph is south of Stormfist Castle/Rivertown area. Inform him and then go back to Verdistis, meet him near the burned house and watch the cut scene - in this case, you don't need to take the letter Cybu drops  
Quest Report to Commander Ralph If you killed the assassin on your own, then report to Ralph and take the letter with you  
Quest Cybu, the assassin killed the Duke This information is important if you meet the Duke's ghost in the cemetary chaple after you survived Iona's dungeon. Now he can rest in peace  
Quest Borrow money from Sir Patrick
Borrow a lot of money from Sir Patrick
Borrow a huge amount of money from Sir Patrick
these quests appear if you decide to borrow money: 1000 gp repayable in 10 days + 150 gp - 3000 gp repayable in 15 days + 750 gp - 10000 gp repayable in 20 days + 3000 gp  
Quest Repay Sir Patrick you borrowed and didn't pay back in time? Well, he's sent someone after you. Tip from Raze: Borrow as much as you can when you're ready for the Divine Ritual, they can't follow you then into the end area of the game  

The Merchant guild

Quest A trapped friend and a tip for you if you're NOT a member of the Merchant guild a little girl will approach you in the park where the teleporter is and ask you to free her trapped cat Cosmo. Become a member there, take the east door, get the keys out of the desk - pic 4 - and descend into the cellar. You'll hear him crying. Free him and then search the rooms faithfully until you have found 3 books about trading = gives you one additional lvl in the Trader Tongue Skill Location of the books  
Quest Kill Maria As you enter the Merchant guild for the first time, you'll meet Malcolm in the SE room. Ask him for membership and he'll want you to kill Maria in the poor quarters. You can if you wish, in version 1.0034 you can do it and then report to Malcolm, but you have to pay a high sum to become a member. You can choose not to do it - by visiting Maria, hearing her story and then going to Malcolm's house she flagged for you. It's directly under Sir Dante's house. Enter it and search for the financial records on top of his bedroom cupboard. Go with this book to Malcom - just a little chitchat - and far more important: To Trevor the guild master in the NW room. Now you're a member and can free cat Cosmo. In fact, you can get another quest also: The easily bugged and busted MTT sequence, details are here: Marcus-Trevor-Tingalf-Quest
After you have restored her reputation, report this to Maria and return to the guild - now you have someone to vouch for you and can buy a house in Verdistis. Just ask her and then later on Trevor. It's Malcolm's former house, so don't be disappointed regarding the high price. I'd NOT advise to merely rent it, if you're overdue with your rent, the house is locked and the chest gone. Yes, you can repay, but some had problems in getting their stuff back. I'd buy it in your case - or merely skip the whole thing and camp in Ars Magicana near the teleporter as I did