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Sword of Gods
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4. Overview
Demona, yellow crystals
5. Demona
Iona, blue crystals
6. Iona
Moriendor, light blue crystals
7. Moriendor
Cornelius, green crystals
8. Cornelius
9. Josie
Demon of Lies
10. Demon
Polymorphed Josie
11. Polymorph
Josie+the warriorswirl attack
12. Swirlattack
Polymorphed Demon
13. Polymorph
Cursed, frozen, stunned, banished Demon
14. Killing

Wastelands and the Black Ring Area

Tips Tips for the Wastelands If you wake up in a black area: Put your CD in, the cut scene requires it
Spend your 20 new skill due to your 5 new levels pts wisely, if you play according to the game plot, you might only level up 5x after this

Forgot one or 2 pyramids? Don't worry, you can find them in the Wastelands again. A gamer had them during the ritual in his Book of Holding = old ones didn't work anymore. I checked it out: found 2 ancient pyramids behind the cactus = they work - here: Raze's screenshot, showing the pyramids - or pic 1

Keep one pyramid in your new home and carry one with you, there are a lot of monsters and plenty of loot. So you'll be encumbered soon. This map is quite large.

Take care of the SW corner of the map: About 5-6 Dragon Riders liking to electrocute. So take care of your resistances. This was what I boosted up in the Wastelands in fact.

Kroxy escaped the slaughter by feigning death - he's a good trader and charges you only 50000 gp for golden charms. The only other trader is the orc shaman, but far more expensive,charges 100 000 gp/charm (the best ones).

If you're patient, you can make much more potions than in the other areas, look at pic 2
Quest Where am I? You made the Ritual and wake up in a desert, the end area of this game. A few steps north of you are 2 orcs, talk to them. The Shaman is a trader, but very expensive, I'd keep him in mind but not buy a lot there. Carry on east, fight the imps there (imp raiders need 2 kills) and watch out for the imp chief who has the Axe of Maiming. Look at the map and you'll see a corridor going south = you'll meet Zandalor and cat Arhu again and here you get your final quests after you're teleported into the tiny village left - map overview pic 1  
Quest Stop the Summoning Ritual in order to do this, you have to enter the Black Lake dungeon in the SE part of the map. Only problem is this (besides all those enemies you will encounter on your way): The water is poisoned and will kill you on touch  
Quest Become a ghost if you find the Black Dragon, called the Patriarch in the NE part of the map, he can teach it to you. If you're polite and clever (choose the skill option in your chat as the last one) - you can even get the Axe of 100 Crusades for free from him. Another possibility is learning this skill on your own. It's in the extended Path of the Survivor.
In versions prior to 1.0034 the swamp was deadly, now you can cruise around the whole lake and even visit the tiny island north of the Dungeon area. If you shapechange back, just hit the pause bar and activate the ghost skill again. It's your choice, good luck
Quest Kill the Black Ring As you enter the Dungeon on the island you'll encounter a cut scene. And the goal is clear: Moriendor, Cornelius, Josephine, Demona, Iona are waiting for you. There is no point in cheating - you can throw a pyramid over the spikes barring the way to the Demon of Lies - but you can't fight him as long as ONE member lives. So kill them: Pic overview and their dungeons - pics 4-9  
Quest I must kill the Demon of Lies Don't panick, this is part of the game plot, you didn't bust anything. As soon as you have killed the last Black baddy, the spikes are gone and you just proceed to his lair. In versions prior to 1.0034 you could encounter the end bug: By using freeze, scorpions, summoning etc. The demon couldn't die and there was no end scene - pics 10-13